Why this TikToker uploads 'ugly' pictures to Tinder

Why this TikToker uploads 'ugly' pictures to Tinder
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There are a lot of techniques out there on how to be successful on dating apps, and typically the advice is to use our best photos, but one woman decided to conduct her own experiment by creating an "ugly" Tinder account.

TikToker Shanel (@shanelowhateva) said that she made the account in the hopes that any matches she met in real life would say she looks better in person and that she wanted her dates to be "pleasantly surprised."

It's also a way to avoid superficial people and those who look for someone with a good personality.

She showed viewers two photos she uploaded to her profile, the first a close-up of her face and the second one showing the back of her head.

Shanel then proceeded to swipe right on a number of profiles, though at this point she didn't receive any matches but told her followers to "stay tuned" as she would provide an update on whether she had any success.

Lmaooo stay tuned…#tinder


Lmaooo stay tuned…#tinder

Lmaooo stay tuned…#tinder

This initial video soon went viral and received 6.6m views, over 535,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts on the unconventional technique.

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Though many thought she looked the same in her photos.

One person wrote: "Sis this is you though," with a laughing emoji.

"you look the same exact tho," another person said.

Someone else added: "But that’s what you look like?"

"I mean that's what she looks like so it's pretty accurate," a fourth person replied with laughing emojis.

While other noted that they too don't use their best profile photos on their dating profile.

One person wrote: "I used to always make sure I never put the best pics of myself on there so they wouldn’t be disappointed when they met me."

"This is just how guys use tinder," another person said.

Someone else added: "Funny story this is actually how I met my husband. I reverse catfished him."

"No, I fr [for real] did something similar to this and ended up marrying him! Like I only sent pics with no makeup and a mess and such," a fourth person commented.

The experiment seemed to pay off as in a series of updates, Shanel revealed that she had a date and on the date, she asked her match if she looked better in person to which he replied: "You look way more better in person, I mean I didn't expect you to be even here. You look one hundred per cent better than your Tinder profile, I think you should have a better Tinder profile."

"Point proven," Shanel told viewers after her date and added: "The entire date he was like 'I am so in shock like, I can't believe you look like this and you look like trash on your Tinder profile."

So there you have it.

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