‘Time traveller from 2714’ claims aliens, giant hurricanes and talking apes will all happen in September

‘Time traveller from 2714’ claims aliens, giant hurricanes and talking apes will all happen in September

You might remember from a few weeks ago there was a so-called ‘time traveller’ on TikTok who was claiming that aliens were going to land on Earth on 11th August and start a war with humanity.

Unless we’ve really overlooked the news, that prediction didn’t come to fruition but this hasn’t stopped @aesthetictimewarper, who claims to be from the year 2714, from sharing some more facts about what is going to happen in the future.

In the latest video shared on the account, it highlights three dates that we should apparently be keeping an eye on within the next month.


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Those dates are: September 11th, 14th and 26th.

@aesthetictimewarper writes in the captions featured in the video: “Many of you still don’t believe I am a real time traveller from the year 2714, so remember these three dates in September.”

To try and convince us that they are from the distant future they explain that on September 11th, a date significant in history for a number of reasons: “An alien takes 4,000 skilled workers and children to the planet Proxima B, as a result of another hostile species coming here.”

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They then follow that up with: “9/14: The largest hurricane in history hits the US East Coast, mainly South Carolina, making it the first Category 6 hurricane.”

There are a lot of hurricanes currently happening in the US and September is traditionally tropical storm season so this isn’t beyond comprehension although it still seems a little far fetched.

Finally, they say on 26th September we should look out for: “A chimpanzee is able to talk because of a mutation in its vocal cords, it has mysterious things to say.”

Something tells us that someone has been watching too many Planet of the Apes movies...

Despite none of the accounts statements ever coming true, the account does still have more than 847,000 followers on TikTok, who we can only presume tune in to see whatever nonsense is going to be predicted next.

As you can imagine people aren’t taking the bait. One person wrote: “If the Earth is destroyed, how are you travelling in time...on Earth???”

Another added: “Nothing has come true that you have said, I wrote them down last month and nothing.”

A third said: “He said in a previous video that the hurricane’s name is Gamma so unless we go through 16 hurricanes in 10 days it ain't happening.”

Oh, dear. Well nobody will be laughing if aliens arrive on Earth in the next seven days. We wait with bated breath.

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