Tom Kerridge takes pop at Salt Bae’s extortionate steak prices - despite being slammed for his own food prices

Tom Kerridge takes pop at Salt Bae’s extortionate steak prices - despite being slammed for his own food prices

Restaurateur Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe recently made headlines over his pricey menu in his brand new restaurant Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, London.

A customer who dined at the restaurant shared his eye-watering bill which included a giant tomahawk steak worth an extortionate £630.

Since then, the costly bill has circulated online with people criticising the restaurant’s hefty prices.

Now, fellow chef Tom Kerridge has also taken a pop at what the viral sensation is charging in his restaurant.

In a post to his 297,000 followers, the Michelin-starred chef tweeted a new sign outside one of his restaurants which made his feeling on the situation abundantly clear, it read: “Tom-ahawk Steak. Not £630.’

Kerridge captioned the tweet: “ Saltbae steak: £630 Some peace and quiet: priceless #saltbae.”

Since Kerridge himself was slammed charging £87 for a sirloin steak at his pub, The Hand and Flowers, he is perhaps slightly relieved that Salt Bae is now receiving some heat over his expensive prices.

While we can agree that when comparing the two prices, Kerridge’s price is a lot lower - many noted charging £87 for a meal which you can get vastly cheaper elsewhere doesn’t mean that Kerridge is in the clear either.

It seems Kerridge’s Salt Bae marketing technique backfired as many responded to him by pointing out that the prices in his establishments are also expensive.

The 48-year-old did defend himself and replied to some of the criticism he was receiving.

To one critic he wrote: “£87 is not £630 plus service”

Later on in the debate, he added: “I don’t need to justify it… you need to educate yourself in the realities of running a top end hospitality business in the current climate that uses the best world class produce. Or not, and just keep shouting about something you chose to not understand…. “

Despite the dig at Salt Bae’s prices, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood from Kerridge who later described him as “fantastic.”

It’s not the first time that Kerridge has received backlash over his restaurant prices.

In August, wine expert Guy Woodward criticised Kerridge’s Buckinghamshire-based pub by tweeting: “Website of @handfmarlow by @ChefTomKerridge – ‘unpretentious’, ‘proper pub’, ‘for everyone to enjoy’ ‘relaxed and accessible’.

“Also @handfmarlow – steak and chips: £87; side of cabbage: £7.50; creme brûlée: £26.50. And people complain about wine list mark-ups...”

In response, Kerridge defended himself by tweeting: “Those prices include everything , VAT and service. No additional service charge at all. Also I pay staff properly and treat their job as a professional career. Perhaps the real cost of dining should be addressed.”

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