Dogs Know Owners by the Sound of Their Voice, Study Says

For the past two years, many employees have been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. Although Covid-19 is not yet over, people are finally starting to return to the office, which can feel like a jarring change for many.

Many people grew accustomed to spending their time working in the comfort of their homes. For some parents, daycare wasn't an issue as they were at home and were able to care for their children. For those with pets, they were able to take their dogs on walks and jump on their laptop while their pet cozied up next to them. In short, the transition of returning to the office has been hard for everyone, but especially those that have children and pets (yes, those can be considered children, too).

Somehow, one office thought it'd be a good idea to make light of the fact that dogs are now at home, alone, while their owners are back in the office and made a totally tone-deaf sign to rub in in employees' faces.

The popular Reddit forum Antiwork shared an image of the sign on the website, and people aren't happy.

"Seriously, we missed you. Bet your dog's missing you," reads the sign.


"I know they’re trying to be funny. But yes, I miss my sweatpants and of course my dog misses me! How rude!" one person wrote.

"I'm having a hard time seeing this as anything other than an employer mocking their employees for having to come into the office to work," wrote another person.

One person even came up with a brilliant way to troll HR.

"If I saw this sh*t I would take a photo for evidence and then start bringing my dog in. If asked, I would show them the photo and let them know I appreciate the company showing concern for my pet's mental well being. I would then start a betting pool to see how long it takes HR to figure out how to respond," read the comment.

Going back to the office is hard enough as it is, there's no reason to be cruel about it and point out people's dogs are now alone.

Sure, it seems as though this was the office's attempt at making a joke, which would possibly be fine if it was actually funny.

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