The 10 common dating mistakes you should never make


We can be quite particular when it comes to dating, and there are a lot of things we just won’t tolerate.

But here are the top ten worst crimes you could commit on a date, according to a study of 2,000 daters byEndura Roses.

If you ever want to ensure a second date, make sure you never do any of these things.

1. Misjudged and distasteful jokes

This is an instantly dismissible offence for 81 per cent of daters, so keep the humour above board.

2. Awkward silences

Between close friends, a moment of comfortable silence is fine. On a first date? Never, ever a good sign.

3. Lack of conversation

This goes hand in hand with awkward silences. Again, not good. Make some effort, people!

4. Bad breath and body odour

A whopping 71 per cent said this was their worst turn-off, which is fair enough – there’s nothing worse than a good date ruined by a whiff of bad breath.

5. Using your phone

Terrible dating etiquette.

6. Rudeness

Being inconsiderate and impolite was the biggest no-no for 44 per cent of daters.

7. Vaping

Put that vape away, because almost one in four daters say this is their biggest turn-off on a date.

8. Smoking

Not quite as unpopular as vaping, but not far behind.

9. Being late

Make sure your watch is working because daters really don’t like lateness.

10. Being too nervous and shy

Along with trying too hard, letting nerves get in the way is a major turn-off.

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