You need to see these Transformers costumes - which actually transform

Viral Snare/ Facebook

Halloween is the only acceptable time of the year to go all out on a costume and hope that you are lucky enough to attend a party where you aren't upstaged.

That is until you arrive at the party and find three kids dressed as Transformers, that can actually transform, and you have to wonder why you even bothered in the first place.

That's probably exactly what happened to anyone who saw these kids dressed as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream respectively. ​

A little digging reveals that this video was recorded in May at the Anime North convention in Toronto, Canada.

They have been made by parent Mark Petryczka, whose creations have become something of a viral hit, which people are loving.

Better yet, he has created other versions of the costumes, this time exclusively of Decepticons, which as well as Starscream features Skywrap and Thundercracker.

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