Republican called CNN host 'young lady' and got his a** handed to him

Republican called CNN host 'young lady' and got his a** handed to him
CNN host calls out Republican for calling her 'young lady'

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) called CNN host Erin Burnett a "young lady" on live television while answering a question about the debacle over the election for a House Speaker - and Burnett didn't hesitate to call him out.

On Thursday (5 January), Representative Troy Nehls made an appearance on the network for the first time.

Burnett asked him if the negotiators in the Republican party had made any progress on coming to a decision on the vote.

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) lost an 11th vote in his quest to become speaker before the House retreated for a third day, reaching a deadlock.

Nehls supports McCarthy's bid.

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"We just mentioned Patrick McHenry, the key negotiator. He is trying to lock in support for McCarthy for Speaker, and he just said the House is probably not going to adjourn anytime soon," Burnett told Nehls in the clip uploaded to Twitter.

She then asked him if he would be ready to "go all night" if need be, to which he responded he could be there "until July."

"Is that a metaphor for how you feel about this? Is your support for McCarthy – there's nothing that can break or shake it at this point? Burnett asked.

Nehls responded: "I don't know if you are aware, young lady, but I am also a member of the House Freedom Caucus. So I am one of those America-first patriots."

He also said he told his friends, fellow "colleagues in the Freedom Caucus" that he didn't feel this was the "battle" they should be engaging in.

Instead, Nehls said he believed the real battle would begin once they draft legislation in Congress under McCarthy.

After this response, Burnett said she assumed the "young lady" comment was complimentary.

Nehls said it was meant as a compliment before throwing in an insult to the network. He claimed it was the "Clinton News Network."

And right after Nehls made that dig, Burnett wasted no time telling him about his attitude.

"That, I will say, was a bit, in my opinion, rude," she said.

Still, Burnett thanked him for chatting with her, noting that she would "treat" him with "the respect" he deserves.

People took to Twitter to share their opinions on the discussion, with many believing Nehls' sentiments were condescending.

Check out those reactions below.

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