<p>Two happy people pictured in the melee </p>

Two happy people pictured in the melee


Two people have been arrested after an armoured truck in California spilt thousands of dollars onto a freeway, prompting a cash-grabbing frenzy.

The incident reportedly happened at around 9 am on Friday when the truck’s doors flung wide open sending the bills flying onto Interstate 5 near Carlsbad, near San Diego.

This completely shut down traffic as people stopped their cars to try and pick up as much money as they possibly could.

A TikTok, posted by user Demi Bagby, which has already been viewed more than nine million times shows the chaotic scenes on the road that morning as dozens of people pick up handfuls of cash and jump into the air through sheer excitement at the thought of free cash.


this is the most insane thing I have ever seen

Bagby says in the clip: “This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. San Diego has shut down, literally, it has shut down.” Later in the video, Bagby and her friends drive past the truck and notice the driver is no longer in the vehicle.

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According, to the New York Post the driver of the truck, did attempt to try and retrieve the money that had flown out of his vehicle but soon realised that his efforts were pointless and began filming the people who were stealing the money instead.

Fox 5 San Diego reports that the CHP officers were on the scene by 10am and had already begun to stop drivers from entering the highway and were starting to pick up the money themselves.

CHP Sergeant Martin warned people: “If you found money on the freeway, it is not your money. It belongs to the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and this armoured truck and the bank. It needs to be returned.”

A man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of taking some of the money after reportedly getting locked out of their own car, CHP reports. Although it has not officially been determined how much money the truck lost, eye-witness Travis Fisher estimated that there much has been thousands of dollars on the tarmac.

Speaking to Fox 5 Fisher added: “There was a bunch of cars in front of me that all stopped, came to a complete stop. I see all these things floating around and I realize it’s money. It was pretty crazy. Just everywhere, there was a sea of bills, everywhere.”

An investigation, involving the FBI has been launched to discover how the doors of the Sectran Security, Inc truck were opened.

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