A woman who flashed her breasts at a Supercross event unwittingly started a brawl amongst fans as some took offence.

The incident occurred during a Supercross event in Angel Stadium, Anaheim,California. Amongst the crowds of motor racing enthusiasts, one woman decided to go one step further and lifted her top to flash everyone.

While many appeared to cheer the woman on and she flashed and held a plastic cup of beer in her mouth, others were less than happy with her.

In footage posted on Twitter that captured the ensuing fighting, an angry woman can be seen confronting the flasher, clearly concerned that children had witnessed it.

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The woman then proceeded to shout, “there’s children” at other fans who were telling the woman to go back to her seat and booing her.

Things took a turn for the worse as the woman had cups of beer thrown over her by people in the crowd. Others in the crowd cheered which only seemed to escalate the situation.

The woman, now doused in beer, appeared to furiously sprint towards the flasher but is unable to get to her due to the group of people stood next to her.

While footage cuts off at that point, TMZ reports that police has to break up two fights in the stands that resulted in “ejections” from the stadium, though no arrests or citations were made.

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