'Rate me' Subreddit issues warning to user for 'overrating' a woman's looks

'Rate me' Subreddit issues warning to user for 'overrating' a woman's looks

'Rate me' Subreddit issues warning to user for 'overrating' a woman's looks

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A subreddit has gained attention on social media after one of the moderators 'warned' a commenter for "overrating" a woman's looks.

The subreddit called "True Rate Me" uses a strict numerical system to rate the physical appearance of users who upload selfies onto the website. The subreddit contains a guide for rating women and men at the top of its page and is strict when it comes to enforcing correct ratings.

A tweet, originally posted by the account @kirbylarp, contained a screenshot from the subreddit showing a user receiving a "warning" for "overrating" a woman who uploaded her photo to the subreddit. The tweet has since been deleted at the request of the woman in the photo.

After the subreddit went viral, users wanted to gain a better insight into how it operates, with many shocked and even "disgusted", whilst some tried to defend the page.

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One Reddit user uploaded five photos of herself, saying: "Just curious... 21F" (21, female). Her post had 1.8k comments, and it seemed that any user who rated her seven or above was smacked with a "warning" for giving her too high a rating.

One person rated her a seven. "I'd consider going higher, too, if it weren't for mods giving people warnings for anything above 7. According to this sub’s guide, I think you’re prettier than most of the 7’s there, and reading through comments, it doesn’t look like I’m the only one who believes that. I think it’s the mods being subjective with this one…"

Another rated her a 6.2. "If you're really only 21, you need to start using sunscreen and daily moisturiser now," one brutal comment read. "Drink lots of water and stop smoking if you do. You're getting away with it, but in a few years, your skin is going to look so wrinkled/old."

"5.8 attractive and above average," a third added. "Flaws include lips and skin (possible symmetry issues too). Facial harmony is well above average. The lower third bone structure and profile view are unusually good. Beautiful overall."

According to the guide attached to the subreddit, a seven is in the top 2.5%. Actresses Tara Shahidi, Shay Mitchell, and Elizabeth Lail are all considered 7s. Model Emily Ratajkowski is considered a 7.5.

"Somewhat uncommon and the most attractive women seen on a day-to-day basis," states the guide. "These women stand out from the crowd and may be able to model or be successful as an 'Instagram model' or influencer." It goes on to describe 7's as having "feminine and attractive" facial features but may possess flaws such as "bulbous nasal tip, slight asymmetry, long mid-face."

Men also post photos of themselves for ratings, with a "male 7" being similar to that of a "female 7", but their flaws are considered to be "crooked nose, slight asymmetry, long mid-face, Negative Canthal tilt."

Penn Badgley, Tony Chung, and Keith Powers were among those rated a seven.

When those outside the subreddit discovered True Rate Me, many took to Twitter to express their shock at some of the comments posted:

One user tried to explain that people on the subreddit aren't giving their personal opinions (or at least aren't supposed to) and that all users have to follow the guide.

Others lauded those who upload their photos as "brave" people, whilst another user joked they were going to give all women a rating of 10:

The subreddit states that it "aims to provide accurate and objective ratings, by implementing standards that give raters a common ground." They also disagrees with the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", they argue "beauty is more objective than subjective. Why do you think there is always general agreement on which celebrities are attractive and which are not?"

In bold at the bottom of the subreddit's wiki page reads: "In order to promote accuracy, rating someone without referencing the scale (UNREALISTIC/SUGARCOATED ratings) may result in a warning and/or immediate ban."

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