Deepfake videos get scarier by the day.

From Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader gradually morphing into Tom Cruise to Alison Brie speaking with the face of Jim Carrey, the artistry involved in these mock-ups is often as impressive as the results are unnerving.

Introducing a feature on the subject on his ABC chat show, comedian Jimmy Kimmel tied the phenomenon to the continued threat of Russian election hacking via the intentional spread of misinformation and warned about the dissemination of bogus videos on Instagram going into the 2020 race.

Given that few have done more to encourage and exploit the idea that we can't necessarily trust what we read or watch online than Donald Trump, it's only fitting that he should be given the same treatment.

Kimmel did so, introducing a superb deepfake of Trump and his vice president Mike Pence appearing in an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, swapping the host's face with the president's and that of Brooke Lynn Hytes with Pence.

You can see it for yourself in all its glory below.

Not only brilliantly executed, but the skit also made a serious point about the devout Pence's alleged homophobia and record of voting against gay rights legislation as a senator in Indiana.

Hytes was a little alarmed though...

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