Pro-Trump anti-vaxxers call him ‘a fraud if he’s enforcing’ vaccine mandates

Pro-Trump anti-vaxxers call him ‘a fraud if he’s enforcing’ vaccine mandates

Pro-Trump anti-vaxxers called Trump “a fraud” after they were denied entry into his New York City restaurant over proof of vaccination.

Oliya Scootercatser, a freelance journalist, was the first to highlight a video of the face-off with FreedomNews TV.

After photos circulated on social media earlier this month showing signs inside Trump Tower in Manhattan alerting guests of the requirement, protesters expressed interest in learning whether they would be required to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

The protesters were seen walking through Trump Tower to Trump Grill, where an employee asked members in the group if they had proof of vaccination against the virus, according to a video supplied by FreedomNews.

A cop eventually arrived to advise the protesters that they may stay inside the hotel but would not be seated at the restaurant.

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The protesters spoke about their dissatisfaction with being denied entry to the restaurant.

They suggested that former President Donald Trump wasn’t practicing what he preached in enforcing New York City’s vaccine mandate within his businesses rather than paying any fines that might result from refusing the requirement.

“Trump is a fraud if he’s enforcing this!” one of the protesters could be heard telling the police officers.

See what people on Twitter had to say about the incident.

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization told Newsweek that they “strongly opposes mandates on restaurants” but “will comply with local law.”

Trump Hotels also noted that their Central Park Manhattan location requires guests to prove vaccination “in accordance with the most recent local government mandate.”

“All adults are required to show proof of being double vaccinated and children ages five and up must show proof of at least one vaccination shot to use the spa, fitness center and pool, as well as indoor dining,” the website said.

Trump has in recent days admitted to getting a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine.

But in an interview with Fox News this week, the former commander-in-chief stood firm in his feelings about vaccine mandates.

“You don’t have to do it, and there can’t be mandates and all those things, but you have to embrace it,” he told the outlet.

He continued: “If you have the mandate, the mandate will destroy people’s lives — it destroys people’s lives, just as the vaccine saves people.”

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio extended the city’s requirements for indoor dining.

Children between the ages of 5 to 11 are required to show proof of at least one vaccination dose, which started on December 14.

Everyone else 12 and older are required to show proof of receiving the complete vaccination starting December 27.

Indy100 reached out to the Trump Organization for further comment.

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