Trump is proving to be a better influence for the vaccine than most elected Republicans

Trump is proving to be a better influence for the vaccine than most elected Republicans

Where it concerns the Covid-19 vaccine, many Republicans have, inexplicably, fought long and hard against getting the jab.

While some elected officials are a bit more extreme than others (we’re looking at you, Marjorie Taylor Greene), others have simply opted to do all they can to avoid answering questions about whether or not they’ve received the coronavirus vaccine booster shot.

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Take, for example, this video of Ron DeSantis.

The Governor of Florida was asked a pretty straightforward question by Maria Bartiromo on whether he has gotten the booster - and he quickly fudged the answer and pivoted to a rant about vaccine mandates.

“Why is @GovRonDeSantis ashamed to admit he got a Covid booster shot?” wrote Aaron Rupar on Twitter.

DeSantis has certainly made his stance on vaccine mandates clear in the past and became a close ally to former President Donald Trump while he was still in the White House.

So it comes as some surprise that the former president had a much stronger answer when he gave an update on his immunization to Bill O’Reilly on their bizarre little arena tour.

“Trump is less of a coward on this issue than Ron DeSantis,” Rupar wrote.

Turning to Trump, O’Reilly asks: “Did you get the booster?” to which Trump plainly responds, “Yes.”

Prior to his answer, Trump also advocated for the safety of vaccines.

“Because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people—I think this would have been the Spanish flu of 1917 where up to a hundred million people died—this was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now,” Trump said.

He also said that people are “playing right into their hands” when they doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine.

When it comes to taking a stance, Trump has always been one loud leader, and it’s about time he got something right.

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