This Man Turns Plastic Trash Into Art

Another person's trash is another one's treasure, they say. And it certainly was for one lucky person when they fumbled across an iconic tulip floor lamp dumped on the corner of the street.

"Someone in NYC threw out this 80's vintage tulip lamp designed by Peter Bliss and I'm about to cry," the viral tweet read, which attracted tens of thousands of likes and responses.

The 1989 Peter Bliss Tulip Floor Lamp retails at around $4,000 and is so incredibly rare that it only ever appears at auctions or specialist stores.

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Of course, people couldn't believe Sean's luck – and despite not revealing whether he had taken it home – we're pretty certain it wouldn't have stayed on the sidewalk for long.

It appears to be a common occurrence too – so much so, there are dedicated guides on New York dumpster diving, declared the "most popular dumpster diving sites in the country."

One comprehensive tell-all, explains there are no laws or restrictions against dumpster diving in the big apple. However, it says that people must "respect your state’s trespassing laws as well as the city or municipality’s policies and statutes."

People could be at risk of being prosecuted for trespassing if you do it without permission because "every business and private house is considered private property."

And the proof is certainly in this responses, as people shared their own re-homed treasure from the trash, including a pair of Prada sneakers.

One Twitter user left dumpster divers with a handy tip for their treasure hunt. They suggested that on the first of the month "tons of New Yorkers’ lease are up, so they leave all their goodies on the streets."

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