Woman reveals what it is really like to pay £3,200 for veneers in Turkey

Woman reveals what it is really like to pay £3,200 for veneers in Turkey
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Thanks to influencer culture and reality TV, more and more people are flying abroad to achieve a Hollywood smile. But now, one TikTok user has revealed all about their Turkey teeth experience.

A smile transformation can set you back around £650-£950 per tooth in the UK. Subsequently, some people are jumping on a flights – specifically to Turkey – to get their new smile for a fraction of the cost.

In a viral TikTok that racked a staggering 1.3 million views, Jade Pritchard lifted the lid on her £3,200 experience. During the dental procedure, the teeth were filed down into stubs in preparation for the crowns to be glued. The patient can choose the shape, material and colour of their new gnashers.

"Before anyone thinks of flying to Turkey to get their teeth done, here's a little insight into what happens," she captioned the clip and revealed a shot of her teeth severely filed down.

"I can't talk or smile," Jade said, seemingly due to the effect of the anaesthesia. "Can't do anything, I can't even laugh," she said while trying to force out a laugh.


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Fortunately, once the dentist fitted her new pearly whites, Jade later revealed she "loved them" in the comments.

"I mean, I love them and wanted them done, so if you want, then go get them, you will always get negatives comments no matter what," she told a fellow TikTok user.


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However, people in the comments were quick to highlight the potential dangers in the future.

"You'll end up needing full plates at a young age because they will eventually wear down," one commented, while another added: "Why do people do this! They're not permanent and will need redoing again in 10 years."

What may seem like a rite of passage for most influencers, having invasive dentistry at such a young age can prompt issues years down the line, such as permanent damage to your teeth and complete tooth loss.

Not to mention, veneers have been said to last around 7-10 years before they'd need redoing.

Dentists have also turned to TikTok to express their concerns, urging people to conduct in-depth research before considering flying abroad for dental work.

One dentist explained that filing down the teeth to pegs is not a standard preparation for veneers - instead, it's for crowns. Crowns are not recommended for young people.

In reference to one of the platform's 'veneer transformations', Dr Emi Mawson, a dentist from Cornwall, stated: "These are not veneer preparations,"

"These are crown preparations and there's a big difference", she added.

Detroit dentist, Zainab Mackie, added: "When you get veneers, most of your tooth is still there, only a little bit is shaved off."

"Most veneers only require the front of the tooth to be shaved down half a millimetre to prepare the tooth for a custom covering. Some veneers actually require no prep at all."

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