A TV reporter accidentally broadcast the figure of a naked man in her shower while filming a segment on cutting your own hair during lockdown.

Melinda Meza, a news reporter for the Californian TV channel KCRA3, was showing viewers how to style their hair from her home bathroom whilst a nude man was clearly visible in the mirror behind her.

Immediately, Twitter detectives were on the case.

The man, possibly (hopefully?) Meza's husband of sixteen years, is standing so still it's possible he was waiting for the interview to end before leaving the shower, not realising he could be seen.

Some viewers were gobsmacked at the sight of the, err, intrusion.

But others were able to see the funny side.

Metz certainly is brave for broadcasting from her own bathroom.

And while it might be a little embarrassing for a while...

More power to her for giving viewers one more tip than they bargained for.

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