Twitch streamer banned for humping Garfield toy says it was worth it

Twitch streamer banned for humping Garfield toy says it was worth it
Does Twitch Enforce Their Policies Fairly?

Viral Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber Ricky Berwick was banned from the platform after he “humped” his stuffed Garfield toy – but says he has no regrets.

Berwick is known on social media to create comedic skits, but things went a little too far during a recent broadcast.

On Wednesday (4 January), StreamerBans shared a tweet, relaying the news that Twitch banned Berwick.

This caused fans to wonder what exactly he did to get the suspension.

Fortunately, the creator didn’t waste any time revealing what went down and how long the platform said his punishment would carry on.

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In a post on his official Twitter, Berwick shared a screenshot of an email Twitch sent him about getting a “Community guidelines strike.”

And he was for “sexually explicit content.”

“My Twitch is disabled like me,” Berwick captioned the tweet.

And in another tweet, he said he got the suspension because he decided to get a bit frisky with his Garfield stuffed animal.

“It's only a 7 day ban. I humped my Garfield plush (clothed) for 20 subs.Worth ittt,” Berwick added.

This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer was banned for getting physical on camera.

In December 2022, Dexerto reported that Warzone star Aydan also happened to get a week-long ban for humping his gaming chair.

It’s safe to say Twitch isn’t playing around, so streamers may want to avoid doing anything physical with stuffed animals, chairs, walls and other inanimate objects.

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