'North Korea vibes': Author mocked for saying Trump had baseball Hall of Fame potential

'North Korea vibes': Author mocked for saying Trump had baseball Hall of Fame potential
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Australian author Nick Adams, a writer who was “endorsed” by Donald Trump, said the former president had the ability to become a Hall of Fame baseball player.

But people are mocking Adams for sharing that, with some even comparing him to a “North Korean propagandist.”

On Saturday (24 September), the author of Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization took to his Twitter to share several tweets about Trump’s baseball talents.

He also shared hopes for Trump to be president again, which he continues to tease a run in 2024.

“Donald J Trump wasn’t just good at baseball; he was the very best in the entire state of New York and would have been the 1st pick of the MLB Draft,” one of the tweets reads.

Adams added: “Instead of becoming a Hall of Famer like Babe Ruth, Trump embarked on a career to be one of the richest men to ever live.”

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Once people saw the tweet, they couldn’t help but liken Adams sentiments to Trump as propaganda.

One person wrote: “Strong North Korean propagandist vibes from Nick.

“With the NBA, MLB, the NFL and the PGA tour all knocking at his doorstep, Dear Leader had to make a call; he chose Grift.

“Definitely not a cult,” another added.

A third quipped: “Replace Donald J Trump with Kim Jong-un, and it seems less like the USA is on course for turning into a dystopian YA novel.”

The former president had repeatedly bragged about his athleticism in his youth, claiming he could’ve played professional baseball.

“I was captain of the baseball team,” Trump told MTV in 2010. “I was supposed to be a professional baseball player. Fortunately, I decided to go into real estate instead.”

However, in 2020, Slate did a fact-check on Trump’s baseball prowess and discovered his stats playing at the New York Military Academy - and they weren’t for the big league.

Partial records revealed he had a .138 batting average over the nine games.

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