UFO sightings have increased during the pandemic, expert claims
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The coronavirus pandemic has seen an uptake in hobbies that many of us have possibly never even attempted before due to the vast majority of people being forced to stay at home.

Baking, running, yoga and chess have all proven popular but one that many wouldn’t have seen coming is UFO spotting, which has reportedly increased in 2020. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Gary Heseltine, a retired police officer turned UFO enthusiast  from West Yorkshire claims that sightings have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking of this peculiar phenomenon, Heseltine claimed that the lack of air travel has likely resulted in the amount of UFO’s being spotted in the skies overhead.

He said: “This could be a hugely significant moment in the history of UFOs. With less air traffic, the likelihood of seeing UFOs has increased.”

Heseltine has reportedly maintained a database of 550 sightings of UFOs from the police, some of which date back to 1901 and are even supported by video footage.

The father of two from Scholes now wants the government to start publishing reports on alien sightings again. Official records of UFOs have not been kept since the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk was shut down in 2009. “It’s high time they changed and we had an open attitude to explore the best evidence in the public,” Heseltine added.

Earlier this year, the Pentagon released stunning footage of what appeared to be a UFO, which was reportedly filmed in 2004. This led to the Pentagon establishing a UFO task force to take a greater look at what is going on up there.

However, the UK government is unlikely to reopen this desk as their findings have shown that UFOs are not believed to be a military threat.

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