12 of the most British reactions to the 'record breaking' heatwave

12 of the most British reactions to the 'record breaking' heatwave
Huge fire engulfs North Yorkshire field amid heatwave

The UK is in the middle of a sizzling heatwave and it's predicted to continue in the next few days where temperatures could reach 40c in some parts of the country

A level 4 national emergency has been declared by the UK Health and Security Agency meaning that "exceptional, perhaps record-breaking, temperatures" are likely to occur on Monday and Tuesday.

Met Office spokesperson Graham Madgem, said: “This is potentially a very serious situation,” adding that a 40c day would be "historic."

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Given how the UK is notorious for its terrible weather, there is always plenty of reaction from Brits whenever we find ourselves in a sweltering heatwave.

Let's face it, we're not cut out for this scorcher so let's take a look at some of the most quintessentially British reactions to this latest heatwave.

We can't help but say this - especially when it is actually meant to get even hotter!

Shoutout to the mums up and down the UK prepping picky bits for dinner because it's too hot to have the oven on.

The struggle of commuting on the tube in the middle of a heatwave - the word furnace, comes to mind.

Mariah Carey isn't British, but we're all channelling her right now.

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do spin around to generate some cool air...

Whenever there's a heatwave, it's basically tradition to unearth the clip from The Inbetweeners Movie where the gang arrive in Greece for their lad's summer holiday.

It's fair to say Jay and Neil represent the entire British public in their discussion about the hot weather.

Jay: “I'm hot” to which Neil agrees: “I am well hot”.

Then Jay replied: “Might be too hot”, as Neil agrees again "might be."

This weather forecast sums up our feelings about the heatwave best.

When you have to cool off, you have to cool off and let's say one man in Birmingham utilised his surroundings to do so by having a relaxing dip in a fountain as he's filmed swimming the breaststroke.

Who knew the Jason Derulo song Want to Want Me could encapsulate the struggle of sleeping during a heatwave?


To hot to sleep 🥵☀️#uk #heatwave #ADH3

The sudden impact a heatwave has on Brits is similar to that of an old Windows computer shutting down.


lifes great mystery #fyp #weather #heatwave #UK #NikeShesBallin

Those who have an attic room and use it as a bedroom - you're in our thoughts and prayers.


I feel like a rotisserie chicken rolling about in bed trying to stay cool. #ukheatwave

A UK heatwave is fun to begin with... until it isn't.


Where’s the lie? ☀️🥵😂 #brits #britain #summer #heatwave #viral

As the rising temperatures are set to continue, more British reactions to the hot weather over the weekend can be expected.

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