UK monster is everyone's new favourite dinosaur

UK monster is everyone's new favourite dinosaur
Europe's 'largest predatory dinosaur' found by UK fossil hunter

Some 7 year-old dinosaur fanatics (and probably some 40-year-olds who haven't let go of their childhood passion) will be very excited to hear that a new dinosaur has recently been unearthed on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but it could have even been the largest land predator to roam the European continent.

You might be looking at the largest beast to walk in Europe.UoS/A Hutchings

The beast's unofficial name is 'White Rock spinosaurid', named after the geological layer in which it was discovered. The specimen is believed to have weighed over 5 tons, and was able to hunt both on land and in water, munching on fish and other dinosaurs. If you can stomach it, think of it as a cross between a t-rex and a great white shark.

British Twitter users are going mad for our new carnivorous beastie. All that's left is to get it on the British passports. That would make me feel at least a bit better about the blue...

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But, a bunch of Twitter users couldn't help themselves.

"Old as s*** and viciously predatorial — the dinosaur’s a tory?" one said.

The Brits are supposed to be a creative bunch, so we should be able to come up with something nice and snappy. Dino McDino Face?

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