UKIP: You can now buy a Nigel Farage condom and the internet can't believe it

Just when you thought that 2018 couldn't get any worse or weirder, the face of a politician ends up on a condom.

And not just any politician (we use the word 'politician' loosely in this circumstance) - it's Nigel Farage.

That's right. For some reason beyond our understanding of logic, sex and whatever makes someone attractive, someone at UKIP has put a picture of their former leader on a condom packet.

Thanks to Channel 4's political correspondent, Michael Crick, evidence of this rather unpleasant piece of merchandise was snapped at the UKIP Young Independence shop, which is at the UKIP conference, currently taking place in Birmingham.

A pound each? Seems a bit steep. You'd be better off using the vending machine in the men's toilets.

If you click on the tweet you'll see the slogan on the packet reads: 'for when you have a hard Brexit', which in all fairness is actually quite funny.

Regardless, the image of the condom packet has now gone viral and the responses are as you can guess hilarious.

Warning some of these tweets might be a bit NSFW.

There were plenty of withdrawal jokes.

The most popular joke was in reference to Farage's actual face being on the packet.

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