Ukraine hotel decorated entirely with Boris Johnson photos

Volodymyr Zelensky doesn't even know if Putin is still alive

A Ukraine hotel is paying homage to the United Kingdom by placing pictures of Boris Johnson on its walls, and the results are more surreal than you’d ever imagine.

Bel Trew, who is the international correspondent for The Independent, posted a video after checking in to her new accommodation in the country.

The footage shows Trew going from room to room, showing the bizarre images on the walls.

“I’m back in Ukraine and the theme of my hotel is Boris on bikes. The entire hotel is - for whatever reason - plastered in photos of the former PM cycling,” the caption reads.

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Trew adds in the video: “Just in case I’m missing the UK, this entire hotel room is completely dedicated to ludicrous pictures of Boris Johnson on bicycles. That’s the theme - Boris bikes.”

People were quick to react in the comments, with one jokingly commenting: “The Ex-Premier Inn.”

“It’s fair to say he is more popular in UKR than UK,” one said.

“He is a local fixture in Ukraine, a wildly popular and household name,” another added.

One more user wrote: “I have no words…..”

Not what you expect to see in your hotel roomTwitter/@beltrew

Another user replied with the comment: “I'm with a Ukrainian right now and she says that it's not just that Boris is popular in Ukraine, it's that these pictures represent an aspiration for Ukraine. They want to have a leader that can cycle through the [streets] of Kyiv rather than travelling by armoured car.”

The ties between Ukraine and the United Kingdom have strengthened no end following the outbreak of war in the country, but no-one could have ever expected this.

President Volodymyr Zelensky previously heaped praise on his “true friend” and ally Johnson while the prime minister entered his final few days in office last year, hailing him as a key ally in the country’s fight against Russia.

Downing Street also previously said that Johnson and Zelensky would “stay in close touch as friends” when the Prime Minister’s tenure drew to a close.

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