This viral video does not show a Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier

This viral video does not show a Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier
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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has fueled some serious misinformation, including realistic video gameplay, fake TikTok "footage," and old clips being repurposed as current affairs.

One clip, in particular, has been making the rounds on social media and has since been shared by media organisation FR News Now, with thousands of likes and retweets. They falsely captioned the viral video: "Go back to your country": brave little girl confronts invading Putin's Army #DefendUkraine #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukriane [sic]".

The video shows a young "Ukrainian" girl confronting a "Russian" soldier. But she is, in fact, Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian girl who heroically took on an Israeli soldier (in Arabic) in 2012.

Tamimi first garnered international recognition as an 11-year-old when she was filmed shaking her fist at a soldier demanding to know where her brother was. The image caught the attention of then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who invited Tamimi to visit Turkey.

Years later, Tamimi slapped an Israeli soldier in her village, which landed her eight months in Israeli prison, aged 16. She soon became an icon of Palestinian resistance to some.

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Luckily, people were quick to shut down the news outlet's misleading clip – and Twitter added a notice that read: "Stay informed: This media is presented out of context."

"This was quickly exposed as a Palestinian girl & Israeli soldier," one Twitter user said. "The world is starved for truth."

One user highlighted how "awfully bold" it was to claim an iconic Palestinian resistance clip as today's affairs.

Another urged people to stop spreading false news.

One user satirically pointed out that the clip was captured in a desert, with a girl yelling in Arabic.

While another quizzed whether it was "tank top weather" in Ukraine.

Another tweeted: "This image/video is being shared by many people - it's of a younger Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian child who spent her life (like so many other Palestinian children) staring down Israeli occupying forces. But I guess Palestinian kids are only heroic when mistaken as European?"

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