Woman arrested for saying she'd 'blow up nuclear reactor if football team lost'

Woman arrested for saying she'd 'blow up nuclear reactor if football team lost'
Euless Trinity High students evacuated after bomb threat, police say

A reminder to people who make exaggerating statements as a joke - be mindful how realistic your exaggeration is.

One University of Utah student faced repercussions after allegedly posting on the popular forum Yik Yak that she would detonate a nuclear reactor located on campus if the football did not win their game against San Diego State University on Saturday.

“If we don’t win today, I’m detonating the nuclear reactor on campus," the Yik Yak allegedly said.

The app is intended to allow users to post anonymously to a forum that connects people via geolocation proximity.

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However, police were able to trace the threatening statement to a 21-year-old student who acknowledged making the post. She was subsequently arrested at the Salt Lake County Jail for making terroristic threats.

The student said the statement was meant as a joke.

But the University of Utah said it has "a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of threats" in a statement.

The University of Utah does have a nuclear reactor in the Merrill Engineering Building. The police claim the student was aware of the location of the reactor as she has class in the building.

Jason Hinojosa, Chief of University of Utah Police noted in the statement that the nuclear reaction "is secured and alarmed and police have unique protocols for managing any breach of the facility."

The incident comes just one month after another University of Utah student made a bomb threat via Yik Yak.

University of Utah beat San Diego State University 35-7.

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