UPS driver goes viral with story about ‘unreasonable’ customer who wanted to return a sofa

UPS driver goes viral with story about ‘unreasonable’ customer who wanted to return a sofa

A UPS driver has gone viral after he told an almost unbelievable story about a customer who tried to get him to remove a fully assembled sofa from his house.

TikTok user @your_uncle_dave - who is also a UPS delivery driver - was responding to a new trend on the video app where people answer the following question: “What is an unreasonable request from someone you were trying to help at your job?”

Dave, as we’ll call him from now on, explains that he was once asked to return an item which turned out to be a sofa that was still assembled, wasn’t boxed up and was still in use.

“I can’t take that. It’s not in a box ready to go” Dave told the customer who became irate and insisted that Amazon (who he was returning the sofa to) insisted that UPS would the item in its current form.

“He becomes angry with me, and says that Amazon assured him that I would disassemble and repackage the couch for him,” Dave added.

After telling the customer that UPS does not have any sort of service like that he became even angrier and wanted Dave to contact Jeff Bezos to resolve the situation.

“This man legitimately expected me to be able to contact the CEO of Amazon and UPS to try to sort this out”

In a follow-up video, Dave said that he returned to the house within the next few days and the sofa still wasn’t packed up. Dave was then made to wait for 30 minutes while the customer disputed the issue with Amazon and eventually cancelled the return - having wasted a whole lot of Dave’s time.

Incidentally, Dave also revealed in the comments of his second video that he was made to remove the first clip by his employers.

In another video, Dave reveals that he was randomly approached by somebody in an apartment complex who genuinely asked if he was also delivering packages for DHL, a rival of UPS. The man was reportedly disgusted when Dave asked him “why the hell would we be delivering for our competition?”

Remember folks treat your delivery drivers the way you would hope to be treated at work.

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