New photo of alien has Uri Geller convinced that they exist

New photo of alien has Uri Geller convinced that they exist
Jam Press/Uri Geller

Uri Geller is convinced aliens exist after seeing a photo of a NAKED one.

The nude female martian had “prominent” lady bits.

She was spotted in the basement of an abandoned building.

A security guard was left spooked by the encounter.

But TV star Uri, 76, dubbed the snaps “amazing.”

Author Whitley Strieber - who claims he was abducted by aliens himself in 1985 - was sent the photos.

The writer shared the never-seen-before snaps with his friend Uri.

It was taken in 2004, in Nuevo León, Mexico - where just last month UFOs were allegedly spotted in the skies.

Jam Press/Uri Geller

Uri said: “My dear friends.

“I received this image from my friend Whitley Strieber.

“Whitley said that this image is probably real.

“It is also of the beings that he sees, and has seen and been with.”

The telly star added: “He thinks it is real because of two things.

“The prominent vagina is immediately evident when you see them naked, but it is not commented on in the UFO Literature, because very few people actually see them, especially not naked.

“Secondly, they reproduce in a manner very different from us.

“What in the world she’s doing in the basement of an abandoned building in Mexico I cannot imagine.

“Probably, she was emerging from below the surface with the intention of going out into the area to fulfill various needs.

“She was surprised by the night watchman.

“Whitley believes that this image may be authentic.

“The image is said to have been taken by a security guard in the basement of an abandoned building in Nuevo León.

“When people look at this image, it is going to be looking back at them.

“Quite amazing.”

Jam Press/Uri Geller

Alien fan James Hudson said: “Why would they be naked?”

Scott Brown said: “Wow.”

Another joked: “She's pretty hot.

“I must say.”

Damian said: “Wow love it.”

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