The V&A museum are putting this Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt on display


In recent years, Jeremy Corbyn has managed to inspire a political movement – now, his name is mixing things up in the fashion industry.

A Bristol Street Wear shirt bearing his name above a 1971 version of the Nike swoosh has made it into the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The museum will display the £20 T-shirt in its collection showing how political change influences design.

The piece was released during the general election campaign earlier in 2017, and was understandably popular among Corbyn supporters.

It was even called the “T-shirt of the 2017 election”.

Tristram Hunt, former labour MP and director of the V&A, said:

As the nation’s storehouse for contemporary design and fashion, we are delighted to acquire the Corbyn T-shirt.

It is also a rather strong statement of our belief in curatorial autonomy.

HT: The Guardian

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