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Two young girls in Vancouver, Canada had their nighttime adventure thwarted by a pair of police officers who intercepted them on their trip.

According to reports, the two children had snuck out from a sleepover to make their way to London.

Yes, that's right, the 10 and 12-year-olds were hoping to travel from Canada to London, UK. That's an approximate distance of 4,706 miles.

While we admire their intrepid nature it was probably for the best that they were found as they first raised suspicion about their safety when they were spotted boarding a bus just before midnight.

Transit Operator Ed Boleak thought that there might be a problem when he spotted the pair in their pyjamas boarding the bus and decided to call the police.

The two runaways were then picked up by the police at their final stop and returned to their parents, who were probably worried to death.

The story doesn't end there though as when the girls were retrieved it was discovered that they had prepared a special map for their journey and by the looks of things it was very detailed an intrinsic.

The map includes details on how to get to their first bus stop, where they should stop to eat and then a rather unclear route to London but judging by the rest of the map they seemed to have things under control.

Constables Cho and Cantera picked up the girls and returned them safely but it is yet to be disclosed what supplies they had with them. Surely some snacks and how were they hoping to travel to England? Did they have tickets and a passport?

Questions, questions.

Speaking afterwards to Metro Vancouver Transit Police, Ed, the driver who reported seeing the girls expressed his relief.

I’m glad to hear that it’s all good, but this is something we all would have done.

Alls well that ends well but we can't help but we can't help but think that the girls would have been very disappointed about how their journey ended.

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