People actually tried the Victoria's Secret pre-show diet and it went horribly

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a yearly spectacle. But while it may look easy the preparation sounds impossible.

YouTubers Candace Lowry and Michelle Khare tried the diet Victoria’s Secret models do leading up to the fashion show. They did two days of the models’ “typical diet," recommended by their dietician, and then two days of the liquid diet they’re also allegedly do.

For this, Lowry says the models do nine full days of just having protein smoothies, egg whites, a gallon of water, and work out twice a day. So that’s what they did.

What was on the menu?

Day one started off with a promising combination of Oatmeal and eggwhites, fruit and greek yogurt. A lot of workouts and salads followed. And then, just liquids.

Khare said:

I am tired, just really really tired, because on this Victoria's Secret diet I can't really eat the things I want to eat. After I train I want to reward myself and instead I'm cooking vegetables right now as a snack. I guess that's the life of a model.

After the diet, she said:

The first two days, which were the regular diet days, were very manageable.

Lowry added:

Then, days three and four (egg whites and liquids only) , I had no energy.

Khare said:

It was really about survival. I had trouble sleeping too, because I was so hungry. It doesn't feel sustainable. It's not a healthy way to lose weight. No one, as a regular person, would go through this. And the models are supposed to represent the people buying the clothes, who are regular people.

Here's the video:

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