Mum fumes after child's father only feeds their son – and not her other three children

Mum fumes after child's father only feeds their son – and not her other three children
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A mum has sparked a furious debate online after recording her son's dad dropping off McDonald's for their child – but excluding her three other kids.

The clip shows the mum waiting at the window for their son's dad to arrive. “Every day my baby daddy come here with one f***ing meal for my child” she explains. “But I have three other kids! We only have one kid together but he only wanna come and bring one thing of McDonald’s. What about my other kids?”

As the man gets out of his car to deliver his son's food, he becomes confused as to why she is recording him.

"I'm going to expose you because that doesn't look enough for all of my kids," she said, pointing at the McDonald's bag.

“What about your other kids?! They ain’t mine!” he responds.

“OK! But them your kid’s siblings though!” she shouts back.

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Woman Goes Crazy On Her Baby Daddy For Only Bringing Food For His Kid And None For Her Other

The back and forth between the pair prompted social media users to chime in with their own takes.

"I believe he is morally obligated to feed the other children," one YouTube comment read. "A situation like this can bring strife and animosity between the children. One kid sitting down eating McDonald’s and the other kids watching. That father got to look at the bigger picture."

Meanwhile, another candidly said: "She called herself 'exposing' him and she actually 'exposed' herself as a negligent mother and parent. Good for him handling his responsibilities and keeping his cool in a hostile situation".

A third added: "As someone who lives with 4 half-siblings and had many occasions when something was done to another but not me, I say with security that those aren’t his kids.

"He’s not legally obligated to take care of them. It’s not his fault she had more kids than she could take care of and by different men who weren’t s**t."

The debate soon rolled out on to Twitter – and people certainly did not hold back.

The woman has since spoken out through Instagram Live.

"I have four kids," she said. "You knew the situation when you dated me. Our child is the youngest child, so keep that in mind before you all make me the villain."

"That means all my other kids knew him, he was buying them McDonald's when we were together. My kids have to go through a transition of our breakup as well."

She added: "To me, that's petty. It's not fair – you're not going to give one child McDonald's and not all the other three McDonald's."

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