Author’s viral thread on Queen's accidental 'overshare' reveals what’s written on her official documents

Author’s viral thread on Queen's accidental 'overshare' reveals what’s written on her official documents
Platinum Jubilee: Charles leads tributes to the Queen
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Author Adam Kay’s important thread concerning online privacy has gone viral, and for good reason.

The former doctor, who wrote This Is Going To Hurt, took to Twitter to highlight how some people - including the Queen - may accidentally overshare on social media.

Responding to a photograph released to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Kay shows how easy it is to zoom in and read the monarch’s official documents.

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In a viral Twitter thread, he showed how simple it is for an amateur on a laptop to have a nosy at the files.

Kay acknowledged that although it wasn’t “looking great” there are apparently ways, such as optical character recognition, for your computer to decipher what it is the words say.

He wrote: “We're not in 24 where you can magically sharpen a CCTV image. BUT. When it's text you're looking at, computers do have a major card up their sleeves.

“Words are simply patterns of pixels, and having looked at multi-zillions of them, they're remarkably good at guessing what a word might be, even if the words are fuzzy round the edges.”

And then, the grand reveal…

Reader, we have been Rickrolled. But we must admit, we’re not mad about it.

Twitter enjoyed the high-effort joke, with some expressing their disbelief that they fell for such an old meme.

Kay’s book This Is Going To Hurt has been adapted into a series by the BBC. Tune in to BBC One on Tuesday at 9pm or watch it on the iPlayer.

Although the Queen didn’t necessarily overshare in the Twitter picture Kay pointed out, check out the shocking snap the 95-year-old posted on her Instagram story as she celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.

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