A viral TikTok has given us all an important lesson when it comes to buying cute and comfortable workout gear.

Madison Hildreth took to TikTok to vent about people staring at her on her jog that morning.

It was only when she got home and stood in front of the mirror she realised what was catching the eye of those around her.

Her new nude gym shorts made her sweat more visible, giving the illusion she had wet herself.

She was able to laugh it off and posted about her unfortunate experience to TikTok with the caption: “Lesson of the day: don’t wear light-coloured shorts in 90-degree weather.” [sic]

She racked up over 120,000 likes and received 500 comments.

One comment read: “I thought it was ‘cause from a distance maybe it looks like you weren’t wearing pants which is a bit better maybe.”

Another said: “Don’t sweat it.”

For inspiration on what to wear instead of nude shorts, check out our definitive list of stylish activewear.

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