Volkswagen's Italian branch has a very unfortunate Instagram handle

The new Volkswagen Rebelle Rally ID.4 Design

Volkswagen's Italian branch is understandably known as Volkswagen Italia - but that name doesn't exactly work on Instagram.

Indeed when the brand smushed those words together to create a handle "volkswagenitalia" it made it look like the brand was called "volkswa genitalia" which is probably not the vibe they want to create.

When someone noticed it, they told Twitter in a viral tweet posted a few days ago which left everyone giggling.

Thanks to that viral tweet, people are now flooding Volkswagen Italia's posts with comments simply reading "genitalia".

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It is #susanalbumparty all over again. Susan Boyle released an album in 2012 and her team used the unfortunate hashtag on Twitter to promote it. Although it was meant to be read as "Susan album party" it could also be read as "su's anal bum party" so you can see why it went viral.

Why didn't anyone learn from that?

indy100 has contacted Volkswagen to comment on this story. We bet the brand will be thrilled to hear about this.

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