Twitter Says It's Testing An 'Edit' Button

Twitter announced they will be releasing an 'edit' button – but users think the platform's a little too late to the party, being years behind Instagram, Facebook and even popular chat platforms like Slack.

The news comes after Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed he bought 9.2 per cent stakes in the social media company and has joined the Twitter board of directors. However, the platform said they had been working on the subtle addition since last year, long before the tech mogul joined.

Taking to his 80.7 million followers, Musk asked whether the platform should add the feature. He garnered over four million responses, with the majority supporting the edit button.

The platform was divided about the underwhelming plan, with some saying it takes away responsibility and accountability from social media users and their controversial tweets.

Others joked that Musk, being one of the world's wealthiest and most influential people, had his priorities in order.

While one user kept it short and sweet: "Nobody asked for an edit button."

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The edit feature is not yet available on Twitter, so, unfortunately, if users make a typo, they either have to delete or embrace it – just like these celebs did.

Donald Trump's "press covfefe"

He may be banned now, but Trump's time on Twitter certainly came with endless blunders.

It took the former president six hours to acknowledge he had invented a new word – and the internet had already done its thing. He appeared to mean "coverage", but the then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump knew "exactly what he meant."


In another awkward, cringe-worthy blunder, a Twitter user asked Trump to retweet an image of "his parents," who they said had passed away.

Trump reposted the photo but soon realised he had been tricked into sharing a post of murderers Fred and Rose West.

Susan Boyle's "#susanalbumparty"

All the X-Factor contestant wanted was to celebrate her album release.

Instead, the PR team ended up with a nightmare on their hands when the infamous hashtag "#susananalbumparty" circulated across Twitter – and we don't think it was solely from Boyle fans.

Pokemon's new game: "#pokemonmastersex"

Following in the footsteps of Boyle's sex party, Pokemon also fell victim to the internet.

In an innocent bid to promote their "EX" game update using a "Pokemon Masters EX" hashtag, most people failed to capitalise the last part.

Subsequently, Pokemon ended up with a NSFW-sounding version of their game: "#pokemonmastersex".

The Queen thanked someone...

It's highly unlikely the Queen actually tweeted this herself, but whoever was in charge of her Twitter account made the awkward blunder of simply tweeting "Thanks."

The tweet stayed on for most of six minutes before being removed.

Kim Kardashian misspelt Giorgio Armani's name while tweeting him

Even the meticulous spellers can make typos – but not when the name is right in front of you.

Kardashian gushed about Armani's foundation and quizzed why it had been discontinued. But instead of addressing "Giorgio", she mistakenly called him "Georgio."

The brand proceeded to awkwardly correct the reality star: "And Mr.Armani's first name is Giorgio," they said.

Charlie Sheen posted his phone number to the world

Never mind an 'edit' function, this was in much need of the delete immediately treatment.

Charlie Sheen publicly posted his number to his millions of followers, saying: "Call me, bro."

It turns out it was intended to be a direct message to Justin Bieber, and people still laugh about the unfortunate blunder ten years on.

Breaking Bad star gave everyone secondhand embarrassment

Actor Dean Norris was left red-faced after missing the search bar – and instead tweeted: "Sex gifs".

Some argued it was an attempt to garner attention after the popular show had long ended. Others put it down to an awkward blunder.

Ed Miliband commemorated the death of the "Blackbusters" creator

The former Labour leader made an awkward Twitter error to mark the death of Bob Holness.

"Sad to hear that Bob Holness has died. A generation will remember him fondly from Blackbusters," he tweeted in 2012.

The post was quickly removed and replaced with the amended version, "Blockbusters".

Bebe Rexha saying she would like to time travel to Paris in the 1940s

When asked where she would go if she could time travel, singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha replied "I would go to Paris 1940s" seemingly without understanding the historical context.

After fans pointed out this was peek World War II when Paris was occupied by Nazi Germany, Rexha replied "Girl I failed history. I just googled it."

Joel Osteen reminding people a true friend will "rub out" your mistakes

The well-known televangelist tweeted in 2013 some inspirational words that were quickly misinterpreted.

"A true friend walks in when everybody else walks out. A true friend doesn't rub it in when you make a mistake. They rub it out."

As soon as people began mocking him, he deleted it. But he probably could've benefitted from the edit button by deleting that last part.

Ryan Lochte misspelling 'scissors'

At the height of his fame during the 2012 Summer Olympics, Ryan Lochte took to Twitter only to make an unfortunate spelling error.

"Rocks, paper, siccor....." he wrote.

"Don't understand estimate" Mary J. Blige's "intelligents"

In the early days of Twitter, Blige seemingly meant to tell people not to underestimate her intelligence but unfortunately tweeted before proof-reading.

"Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that! I haven't been on (cont)," she wrote.

She later tweeted thanking people for point out her mistake in spelling the word 'intelligence'.

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