What is Waffle, the latest viral Wordle spin-off, and how do you play it?

What is Waffle, the latest viral Wordle spin-off, and how do you play it?

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First it was the original Wordle, then other themed versions emerged such as Heardle (guess the song), Nerdle (guess the maths equation) and Quordle (guess four Wordles at once), but now a new spin-off of the popular guessing game appears to be taking Twitter by storm.

Waffle - which isn’t actually food-themed – is similar to Wordle in that correct letters are green, letters which appear in a word but in a different position are yellow, and those which don’t appear at all are in grey.

The difference, however, is that in addition to solving one word horizontally, you’re solving another two this way as well, on top of three vertical words connecting them all together in a waffle-like pattern.

So how do you guess the words? Well, rather than typing them in on Wordle, you have up to 15 swaps which you can take to move the letters around to complete the words.

Apparently, you should only need 10 moves to solve every puzzle, and the number of moves you have remaining will be converted into stars – up to a maximum of five.

Its creator is James Robinson, a developer from Portsmouth. Waffle is, according to his Ko-fi, the “first game that I’ve managed to complete and get online”.

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Supporters of the game on the donation platform can also gain access to a special deluxe waffle, backed-up statistics about their gameplay and no ads - the jammy so-and-sos.

Now you know the rules, you can give it a try over at – and if you really need a helping hand, keep scrolling for the answers…

Last chance…

OK, the three horizontal words you’re after are ‘usher’ (as in, to guide someone somewhere, not the “OMG”and “Yeah!” singer), ‘tonic’ and ‘leaky’.

Meanwhile the three vertical words are ‘until’, ‘henna’ (as in, the temporary tattoos), and ‘rocky’ (as in, something consisting of rocks, not the Sylvester Stallone film).

You’re welcome – keep waffling.

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