Waitress shares shocking response from boss when she asked for time off to see her dying sister

Waitress shares shocking response from boss when she asked for time off to see her dying sister

A waitress has gone viral after sharing her boss’s unbelievable response to her needing time off to see her dying sister.

TikTok user Hillary Zinks (@hillary.zinks) shared the shocking story in a clip which has now been viewed over 1.7 million times.

Zinks began the video saying she thinks “a lot of people can learn a lesson” from her story and captioned the clip, “how my sister in a coma helped me quit my job”.

In the viral video, she explained that she has two jobs – a makeup artist in the film industry and a waitress at a restaurant.


this gets good. Wait until the end.

While at work as a makeup artist, she received a call saying her sister “was in a coma, brain dead, could die any moment in the hospital”.

The boss on set told her to go and be with her family and said:“There’s no job in this world that is worth missing life over.”

However, the reaction from her boss at the restaurant could not have been more different and was described by Zinks as “inhumane”.

She explained that she quickly made her way to Las Vegas where her sister was in hospital. On the drive, she remembered to contact her other boss to explain why she wouldn’t be at work.

In her message, she wrote: “I won’t be able to make it in this weekend. I had to drive to Nevada because my sister is dying in hospital there.

“Oh I’ll let you know when I’m back and when I can come back to work. I am so sorry to leave you hanging this weekend.”

Her manager replied: “I do understand and I am sorry for what you are experiencing. I’m curious as to why you are letting me know 2 hours prior to your shift?”

Zinks explained she knew what her boss was hinting at, but simply responded saying it was because she left to drive to Nevada at 1am.

They wrote back: “Like I said I have great compassion and sorrow for what you are experiencing,” the text read.

“Though, it is my job to create a positive work environment for all staff. We have a fifty top today and only 2 scheduled staff members are expected for the shift … we will make it work, we always do. It just makes it hard on the crew that does show up.”

Her boss’s response made her “fuming” so Zinks “again let her know that my sister’s dying and on life support, she may pass away any minute and I just drove eight hours so she doesn’t die alone”.

When she made it to the hospital, Zinks said she got a feeling from her sister that she should quit her job.

She texted her boss telling her she quit and also sent a picture of herself in the hospital holding her sister’s middle finger up to the camera.

Zinks explained: “I wanted to do this because I know my sister would be laughing her a** off and she would be proud as f***.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to raise funds for Hillary’s sister’s after life arrangements.

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