Waitress calls out customer who left his number but no tip

Waitress calls out customer who left his number but no tip


A restaurant server has called out a customer who failed to leave her a tip but left his number in a viral TikTok.

In the clip, TikTok user @momitsyourbirthday posted a screengrab of a text she sent to the customer in question.

It read: “Next time you leave your number make sure to leave a tip ;)”

She went on to explain that the customer’s bill came to more than $200 but they didn’t leave a tip.



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As the text message displays behind her, she can be seen smiling and saying: “I’m proud of myself. Can you tell? I can tell.

“No, but really like the bill was over 200 dollars and they did not leave a tip. But they did have the audacity to leave one of their numbers and tell me they thought I was cute.”

It's not the first time the subject of tipping has caused controversy. One TikToker went viral after refusing to tip and one man tipped a waitress with a $100 bill that was ripped.

People in the comments were divided over whether the customer was obliged to leave a tip.

One person sided with @momitsyourbirthday, writing: “If you don’t have the money to tip, don’t eat out <3”

But, others disagreed as someone said: “Why do Americans just expect people to tip them I don’t get it. Don’t [you] literally get paid to do [your] job?”

Others understood that tipping culture is different in the US and said they would tip there, but not elsewhere.

Another person added: “I have to remind myself the culture’s very different in America when it comes to tipping. This attitude makes sense there, but in the UK wouldn’t.”

In a follow up clip, @momitsyourbirthday gave an update revealing that the person in the party who was given the money for the tip forgot to add it.

Reply to @missyfalco #server PSA get what you want


Reply to @missyfalco #server PSA get what you want

Reply to @missyfalco #server PSA get what you want

The person she texted replied: “Wait they for real didn’t tip you?”

Once she confirmed that she didn’t receive a tip, the person said: “We all [gave] the guy who paid an extra $10 bucks each. No lie.

“I apologize let me talk to him that ain’t right.”

She revealed that they ended up transferring her the $75 she was supposed to have received as a tip.

Good for her for pursuing it.

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