TikTok sparks debate after making waiter play Russian roulette for tips

TikTok sparks debate after making waiter play Russian roulette for tips
Diner waitress shuts down rude customer on video

A viral clip on TikTok has sparked debate after a customer at a restaurant made the waiter play Russian roulette for their tips.

In the US, serving staff rely heavily on tips to top up their wages as hourly rates tend to be incredibly low.

So, a clip that showed a waiter having to play a game to get their tips has been criticised as “unnecessary” and “aggressive”.

The controversial viral clip was posted by TikTok user @katizahlee and has been viewed over 1.9 million times. It was titled: “Blessed a nice lady today.”

In the video, the customers made their waitress turn around facing away from the table while they laid out five different bills that were folded up.

The bills ranged in value, with $5, $10 and $50 bills visible to the camera.

They then had the waitress choose a bill while still facing away. By coincidence, she picked up the $50 dollar bill.

When the waitress turned around and looked at the amount, she said: “Really, are you serious?”


Blessed a nice lady today

One of the customers replied: “Yes, you can keep it.”

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The woman seemed sceptical about taking it, but the customer reassured her, saying: “You can keep that and then you can keep the change from the [meal].

“We’re going to bless you today.”

The waitress responded: “I love you guys so much. Thank you, I’m going to cry. I’m going to tear up.

“Thank you and Happy International Women’s Day.”

People in the comments were unimpressed by the customers’ actions and said they should have just given the waitress her tip.

One person commented: “if y'all wanted to bless her so badly just give her the $50 and move on.”

Another said: “This was too aggressive for me.”

It isn't the first time that TikTokers has weighed in on the controversial treatment of wait staff. One woman sparked debate after telling her waitress to "do better" and refusing to give a tip. Meanwhile, another waitress revealed she was paid just one cent for six weeks of work.

On the Russian roulette clip, someone else commented: “Girllll give me my tip so I can go check on my other tables.”

Another TikToker replied: “So unnecessary, just give her the damn tip, we know u got your tax refund that day.”

Someone else who appears to also be a waitress advised: “Please do not make this a regular thing lmao we have so many other tables to check on.”

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