A walking frame is moving around a Bedfordshire village and the local Facebook group is worried

A grainy picture of a metal walking frame in a field next to a red dog poo bin.
Trevor Monk/Facebook

Local Facebook groups are wonderful things sometimes, and when one resident in the village of Maulden, in Bedfordshire, reported that a walking frame had appeared outside her house, hilarity ensued.

Writing on the Maulden Voice Facebook group last week, a user named Patrica drew fellow members’ attention to the unusual object which had randomly turned up.

“Who dumped the walking frame at the side of my house I suggest you come and get it [sic],” she posted to the group’s 5,800 members, using Facebook’s heart collage feature for emphasis.

Nice touch.

One user named Simon was quick to crack a joke: “I think that might be difficult.”

However, what was far more comical was the fact the walking frame was in a different spot the night before and has popped up in other places since.

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“It was in the back of a truck down the street last night,” replied one member.

Another commented: “There was a walking frame that had been dumped outside my mum’s house, it’s not hers, don’t know how it got there or who put it there! Probably the same one.”

“It was outside a house further up the close this morning. I assumed it had been left out there deliberately – maybe someone’s moved it from there when they shouldn’t have,” wrote a third.

A fourth member, named Trevor, wrote: “It’s having an adventure, it’s near mine now!”

Yet that only lasted for so long, as he posted another update on Thursday – this time with a picture – showing the walking frame had relocated next to a dog poo bin.

Your guess is as good as mine.

“The Maulden walker tour continues,” Trevor’s caption reads.

If you’re wondering where the frame is now, a user named Sue said her husband “brought it home in case it was nicked” and will keep hold of it until Monday.

You may read this and think it’s a slow news day, but we guarantee you that the poor soul missing their walker is moving a whole lot slower.

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