<p>The moment the man fell</p>

The moment the man fell

@fred035schultz/ Twitter

A hilarious video of a man trying (and failing) to cross a muddy swamp has gone viral.

The video shows the man wading through mud and trying to cross swampy water to get to the next patch of dry (ish) land.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get across,” he says.

“My trousers are getting dirty,” he adds, as he takes off his shoes to attempt the journey barefoot.

He then confidently steps forward, appearing to not know that he would be stepping into a pond not puddle, and duly falls into the murky depths, causing the person filming him to laugh as he reemerges absolutely soaked in mud.

Reacting to the clip, which has racked up over 670,000 views, some people found it hilarious:

Other swamp truthers speculated that the video was staged, because the person filming it seemed unsurprised when the man fell in:

If it was fake, then committing to absolutely ruin your outfit and surely day just to make the internet laugh is no bad thing in our books.

And if it was real, then we hope the man gets cleaned up soon and didn’t have his phone or any other valuable items in his pockets.

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