The wealthiest person in every US state, mapped / Forbes

America has a lot of billionaires. Like, a lot.

But have you ever wondered who is the richest person in each of the 50 states? Well now we know.

A new map created by shows the incredible variance in the biggest fortunes on a state-by-state basis. Based on data from Forbes, it serves as a map of money most of us can only dream of.

The map is based on figures from before coronavirus turned the global economy upside down. But it might be the case that billionaires like Jeff Bezos, who comes in at number one with $117bn, might actually end up increasing their wealth as sales boom during the pandemic. Similarly to Amazon, the heirs of the Walmart fortune in theWalton family, including Jim Walton, are seeing Walmart’s stock price hold relatively steady.

Other billionaires, like Sheldon Adelson in Nevada or Philip Anschutz of Colorado, might not be so fortunate, with fortunes made in the badly impacted areas of tourism, hospitality and sport. The struggle is real.

The map reveals that there’s actually a huge disparity even in the wealth of the super rich, with fortunes ranging from over $100bn to a mere $300m, which is surely pocket change to the big hitters on the list.

Meanwhile, at least 26 million Americans are currently unemployed...

But here’s the full ranking of the super-rich at the opposite end of the scale:

1Jeff Bezos, Washington: $117.1bn

2Warren Buffett, Nebraska: $89.6bn

3Mark Zuckerberg, California: $81.9bn

4Michael Bloomberg, New York: $58.4bn

5Jim Walton, Arkansas: $51.9bn

6Alice Walton, Texas: $51.7bn

7Charles Koch, Kansas, $42.8bn

8Sheldon Adelson, Nevada, $41.4bn

9Phil Knight, Oregon: $40bn

10Jacqueline Mars, Virginia: $30.2bn

11John Mars, Wyoming: $30.2bn

12Ray Dalio, Connecticut: $18.7bn

13Thomas Peterffy, Florida: $17.6bn

14Abigail Johnson, Massachusetts: $16bn

15Pierre Omidyar: Hawaii, $13.2bn

16Ken Griffin, Illinois: $

17Thomas Frist Jr and family, Tennessee: $13.0

18John Menard Jr, Wisconsin: $11.7bn

19Philip Anschutz, Colorado: $11.5bn

20Carl Cook,Indiana: $10.4bn

21Jim Kennedy, Georgia: $9.9bn

22Harold Hamm & family, Oklahoma: $9.7bn

23James Goodnight, North Carolina: $8bn

24Victoria Mars, Pennsylvania: $7.5bn

25Pauline MacMillan Keinath, Missouri: $6.9bn

26Dennis Washington, Montana: $6.7bn

27Daniel Gilbert, Michigan: $6.5bn

28Ernest Garcia II, Arizona: $6.2bn

29John Overdeck, New Jersey: $6.1bn

30Ted Lerner and family, Maryland: $5.5

31Harry Stine, Iowa: $5.4bn

32Tamara Gustavson, Kentucky: $5bn

33Les Wexner and family, Ohio: $4.5bn

34Frank VanderSloot, Idaho: $3.7bn

35Gayle Benson, Louisiana: $3.1bn

36Glen Taylor, Minnesota: $2.8bn

37T. Denny Sanford, South Dakota: $2.4bn

38Susan Alfond, Maine:$1.9bn

39Anita Zucker, South Carolina: $1.9bn

40Jonathan Nelson, Rhode Island: $1.8bn

41Gail Miller, Utah: $1.6bn

42Jim Justice II, West Virginia: $1.5bn

43James and Thomas Duff, Mississippi: $1.4bn

44Gary Tharaldson, North Dakota: $1bn

45Jimmy Rane, Alabama: $0.9bn

46Elizabeth Snyder and Robert Gore, Delaware: $0.9bn

47Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli: New Hampshire: $0.7bn

48Mack C. Chase: New Mexico: $0.7bn

49John Abele: Vermont: $0.6bn

50Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini and Families, Alaska: $0.3

H/T: VisualCapitalist

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