People in Iceland are annoyed at the weather forecast and not for the reason you think

Jónas Unnarsson/Facebook

A weather channel in Iceland has been receiving complaints about its broadcast, but funnily enough it wasn't about the accuracy of its predictions.

No, people were peeved at one particular weatherman who appears on the RUV channel. It seems that whenever the meteorologist pops up to do a forecast, he ends up blocking the eastern coast of the country.


After months of this, people from the towns of Reyðarfjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Höfn, and others in the east, have had enough.

There's now a dedicated Facebook group, bluntly named: 'Stop standing in front of East Iceland, dear weather forecasters'.

Many viewers saw the humour in this inconvenience though, and made suggestions:

Picture:Picture: Jónas Unnarsson/Facebook

One member of the group Jónas Unnarsson suggested

Er svarið ekki bara að hafa veðurfræðinginn í grænum fötum?

The answer is not just to have a weather engineer in green clothes?

The complaints appear to have worked.

On Monday, RÚV made adjustments, and the weatherman stood on the other side of the map.

Picture:Picture: RUV/Screengrab

The presenter was forced to tread the boards of his studio, moving across the map.


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