Weatherman responds to viewers concerned about his Hurricane Ida reporting

As Kentucky meteorologist Marc Weinberg was giving his weather report on the cold front approaching the midwest, a sound could be heard on the broadcast. It's difficult to tell what exactly it is - could be a duck, could be a squeaky chair, but most Twitter users think it was a fart.

The video of the weatherman went viral last week when Jordan Doenges uploaded the clip to Twitter and Kentucky sports radio host, Matt Jones, got ahold of it.

Jones captioned the video, "More weatherman excitement! Did this Louisville weatherman fart on air??"

The video received 65K+ views and people flocked to reply with their input on the meteorologist's potential slip.

Mistakes and blunders occur on live news broadcasts all the time. Last year, a weatherman's broadcast was interrupted by his dog looking for treats.

But some people couldn't help but crack jokes at the potential fart, given its context.

Weinberg has not confirmed if the noise was him passing gas or not. But regardless, the video was a good chuckle for viewers of the weather report and Twitter users.

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