Wedding guests completely unfazed as a wild bear gatecrashes reception in search of food

Wedding guests completely unfazed as a wild bear gatecrashes reception in search of food
Angie Disa/ TikTok

We all enjoy a good wedding and many of us won’t let anything stop us from having a good time, including a wild bear gatecrashing the event in search of food.

A video on TikTok by Angie Disa, which has been viewed more than one million times already, shows a black bear climb onto a table at the wedding reception before walking away and knocking over a chair after realising there was no food to be found.

However, the most compelling part of the clip has nothing. to do with the bear at all. It’s actually the people in attendance at the wedding in Chipinque Ecological Park in Nuevo León, Mexico who appear to be completely unphased that a huge, wild and potentially dangerous creature is just roaming around their wedding.

One man just carries on eating his meal as if this whole scenario is completely normal.


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So why was everyone so relaxed?

In a follow-up video by Disa, she explained that the guests had already seen several bears that day and that the staff at the park had a lot of experience in handling wild animals and knew what to do straight away without causing any alarm or distress to the animal and made sure the guests all remained calm.

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Disa also explained that the bear was not as big as it might have looked in the video and was possibly a baby.


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“We thought the best thing that we could do is just stay calm, keep eating our food, and just wait for the staff to deal with the situation”, she added.

Disa stressed that the bear was “so cute” and that everyone just wanted to “pet him” as he was “harmless.”

She further explained that the staff put up a barrier to stop the bear from getting back in and everyone just enjoyed the party as normal.

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