Stunt double couple intentionally set themselves on fire at their wedding
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A newlywed couple has sparked debate after their cheeky wedding cake topper was featured in a viral TikTok.

Weddings are a time for couples to not only celebrate their love but to imprint their own personalities onto their special day.

In a viral clip on TikTok, one bride and groom did just that as they adorned their wedding cake with a cheeky cake topper that said a lot about them as a couple.

The clip was posted by @lifeofscottyv who said, “I have never ever seen a cake topper like this. Check this out”.

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He then proceeded to capture the cake topper, which from the front showed the groom figure in a firefighter uniform, while the bridal figure had a wedding dress on while also wearing a nurses hat. The groom appeared to have his arm placed behind the bride.

While the cake topper looked completely lovely and innocent from the front, the TikToker then filmed it from the back, where it was revealed the groom had lifted the bride’s dress and was grabbing her bum.


#weddingtiktok #caketopper wait for it

The hilarious clip has been viewed almost 700,000 times and drew a mixed reaction from other TikTok users in the comment section.

Some were entirely unimpressed by the cheeky decoration, while others claimed if their relationship with their partner wasn’t like that they’d leave.

One person commented: “I went from ‘oh I want this’ to ‘I don’t want this’.”

Another wrote: “Absolutely not.”

“Not in front of both entire families lmaoo,” someone else responded.

Someone else said: “if I can't have this I'm just gonna walk away.”

“Iconic honestly,” one person replied.

Another said: “Scandalous I love it.”

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