Driver in London helps out bride who kept having taxies cancelled

When it comes to the highly stressful situation of organising a wedding, it’s not uncommon for major dramas to occur in the lead-up.

But, one former wedding photographer has blown every other story out of the water after she revealed a bride cancelled her services days before the big day and married another man instead.

Katie Schroeder made the shocking revelation in a viral TikTok that has been viewed over 1.6 million times leaving viewers riveted.

Schroeder said: “I used to be a wedding photographer and I've done around 200 weddings. And I have a lot of stories. Like a lot.

“But there's one story that always seems to take the cake for the best wedding story.”

She continued, explaining she was working in the office when she received a call on Tuesday from the bride she was meant to be photographing at her wedding that Saturday.

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#stitch with @villeky Wedding Drama 👰

The bride was calling to cancel the wedding photographer and responded by saying, “sure, no problem”, when she was asked to send a written request for cancellation, which surprised Schroeder.

She explained: “Now typically when they cancel, especially the week of, they're either very pissed or very sad. She wasn't. She was happy. It was weird.”

The plot thickened as the following day, Schroeder received an email from the groom’s aunt who had purchased the photographer, who also revealed that there would be no wedding because the bride had got married to another man.

Schroeder exclaimed: “She got married to someone else the same week she was supposed to marry someone else!”

“WHAT!” one TikToker commented.

Another said: “I need a series of these stories.”

Someone else joked: “You mean to tell me she was having two weddings while I can’t even get a date.”

One TikToker speculated: “I wonder if Saturday was an arranged marriage and Monday was the true love ...I can see the hallmark movie now lol.”

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