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Ever made a globe-trotting gaffe? You're far from alone.

From the pricey tipping culture in the USA to the fondness for spitting in China, global customs can easily trip up any uninformed traveller.

Thankfully, the jet-setters at The Translation Company have put together a handy guide exploring how customs and traditions differ from country to country.

Other habits that unsettle sightseers include:

  • United Kingdom - Hot and cold water taps in sinks. In most countries around the world, all of it comes out the same tap. 
  • United States - Warning: this one demands maths. Prices with most items are shown without tax, while the rest of the world includes it listed in the total price. 
  • Venezuela - Late eaters. While many in Europe eat around 5pm or 6pm, people in Venezuela often eat between 9pm and 10pm.  
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