Bizarre way Wendy Williams reports on TikTok star’s death leaves internet stunned

Bizarre way Wendy Williams reports on TikTok star’s death leaves internet stunned
Photo Credit: AlexTMcNair/Twitter.

A clip of Wendy Williams’ bizarre reporting of a TikTok star’s death has infuriated people on the web.

In it, she grumbles extensively about how her follower count compares to Swavy - real name Matima Miller - and how she doesn’t use the video-sharing platform, before eventually discussing the fact that he had just been murdered.

“I don’t take this lightly, but this is the most unhinged Wendy [Williams] moment ever,” one person wrote on Twitter.

The clip begins with Wendy doing what she does — setting up her Hot Topics segment. “I have no idea who this person is. Neither does Norman. Neither does one person in this building,” she says.

Wendy then starts querying if others in the room had heard of a TikTok star who goes by the name of “Swavy.” They hadn’t. “Clap,” she demands. “Clap if you know who Swavy is.”

This makes the next part all the more painful for Wendy: Swavy, despite no one “in the building” knowing who he is, has more followers than Williams on TikTok. Gasp.

A member of her crew swoops in at the last second to assuage Wendy’s envy:  “On TikTok. But on Instagram, you have more followers.” His chivalry is met with applause from the audience. Yay, Wendy! Her fame is saved.

But that doesn’t quite cut it, “Well, as my son Kevin would say, no one uses Instagram anymore,” she retorts. Wendy then proceeds to explain that so says Kevin, everyone’s on TikTok these days, and she doesn’t play that game. “As far as TikTok, I don’t use that at all. I don’t know what that is and I don’t want to be involved.”

At this point, no one knows where this clip is going. People in the audience were, presumably, wondering why is there so much judgment coming from Wendy in regards to someone she’d allegedly never even heard of?

“Well here he is,” she says as a photo from Swavy’s instagram is projected on the screen behind her. She turns to look at it, staring for an uncomfortably long time. The audience laughs at the awkwardness of it all. “He’s 19,” she says, finally getting to the point.

“And he was murdered Monday morning.”

Understandably, people were both stunned and equally disturbed by Wendy’s apparent lack of empathy.

Swavy, 19, was shot and taken to hospital on Monday, according to police in the US state of Delaware.

The dancer’s family posted on his Instagram page to say they’re working “to get justice for Swavy”.

“This is just the beginning, we will forever keep his name alive and continue his legacy.”

May Swavy rest in peace.

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