Ex-Wendy’s worker claims fast food chain serves ‘expired meat’ in viral TikTok

<p>TikTok user Azonte Berry made the unsavoury claim against the popular fast food outlet</p>

TikTok user Azonte Berry made the unsavoury claim against the popular fast food outlet


“Fresh, never frozen,” may be the official slogan for fast food chain Wendy’s but, according to one former employee, only the second part is true.

Azonte Berry made an explosive allegation against the company in a TikTok video, claiming its restaurants served “expired meat”.

Berry captioned the short – but now viral – clip: “I’ll never eat at that [mother f***er] unless I see it cooked.”

In it, he can be seen dancing alongside his colleague, apparently in one of the branch’s kitchens, while a message pops up saying: “When y’all realise Wendy’s be serving expired meat… And they be watching y’all eat it.”

The recording has racked up more than 2.6 million views, as fellow TikTokers rushed to support or denounce Berry’s claim.

Berry posted the inflammatory claim in a short TikTok clip@officialazonte/TikTok

It’s important to note that the claims have not been verified. indy100 reached out to the company for comment but it did not respond.

“I WORK AT WENDYS I CONFIRM THIS,” one impassioned user wrote.

While another alleged employee upped the ante, saying: “We really do… somebody was [on the] grill saying the meat looked old and green and the manager said cook it anyway.”

However, other users claiming to work at the chain defended its food hygiene record.

“I worked at Wendy’s and we never did that. Y’all [are] just… different,” one wrote.

Another added: “Not my Wendy’s, y’all stay safe [though].”

Other users suggested similar problems were rife in other outlets.

“McDonald’s will put already cooked fries back in the grease if they get too cold,” one commented.

“Same when I used to work at Popeyes… Some of the chicken was old and one time I threw some of it away and got yelled at,” claimed another.

Meanwhile, plenty of commentators announced that they would continue to eat at their favourite spots despite the allegations.

“That expired meat be as good [as f***],” one joked.

“I’m gonna pretend I never saw this,” said a second.

“Even if they put rat poison in it I’m still eating it,” declared a third.

Responding to suggestions that he and his friend faced a “lawsuit” or a sacking over the claims, Berry insisted he was safe.

“We don’t work there any more,” he confirmed. And, indeed, if you look back at his previous videos, you can see this is apparently true.

Four days before his ‘expired meat’ clip, Berry posted a video saying he’d quit the chain@officialazonte/TikTok

indy100 has contacted Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Popeyes for comment.

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